The world’s first bundle-powered marketplace.

The only marketplace where sellers work together to build better deals. When shoppers buy a bundle, they save a bundle too. With lower prices and free delivery guaranteed, why wouldn’t you Yavolo?

Kat Karus worked with Yavolo to create:

Web Design


Promotional Materials

Web Design (Adobe XD)

Karus collaborated with Yavolo to develop a custom-built marketplace. The homepage is designed to showcase the benefits of shopping with this unknown company: exclusive deals, money-saving bundles, and free shipping.

Proceeding down the page you will find a curated selection of popular product categories invites immediate exploration, with personalized adjustments based on the user’s login status. As visitors scroll down, they’re greeted with a display of trending items, sought-after bundles, and engaging blog articles.

Web Design (WordPress)

Yavolo sought to establish an external Resource Centre to help customers and sellers as well as deliver company updates. Utilizing WordPress, Karus created the Resource Centre, ensuring it reflects the main site’s design ethos.

Marketing (Flyers)

Yavolo entered into a partnership with MonsterShop, integrating Yavolo-branded flyers within Monster’s order shipments.  Karus designed these flyers to fold at the corners, transforming single products into bundles, a QR code is present in the centre. This initiative encourages sign-ups to be notified about Yavolo’s official launch in 2025.

Marketing (Packaging)

During the prelaunch phase, Yavolo strategically marketed bundle deals on various platforms. Karus created branded packaging tape to direct potential customers to a dedicated landing page. This initiative encourages sign-ups to be notified about Yavolo’s official launch in 2025.

Promotional Materials

Yavolo is dedicated to helping customers save money. To align with this goal, Karus has designed RFID card holders that not only prevent accidental charges from contactless payments but also serve as a mobile advertisement, displaying the Yavolo brand to fellow commuters.

Beige RFID Card holder with and without card

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