Serving both commercial and home kitchens for over 12 years, KuKoo can help anyone be a chef or transform any kitchen with beautifully designed kitchen fittings and superbly-effective appliances. From large pizza ovens through commercial ice machines to heavy-duty food blenders, whatever your culinary business or pleasure, KuKoo delivers quality so you can too!

Kat Karus worked with KuKoo to create:

Amazon Brand Story

Web Design

Amazon Brand Story

Karus worked on the KuKoo Brand to create an Amazon Brand Story.

An Amazon Brand Story can help a company stand out from competitors, highlight their values and showcase their products.

KuKoo’s brand story showcases their products being used, details their history, who they have been endorsed by and why you should buy from them.

Web Design - Brand Page

MonsterShop wanted to create a brand page on their website for all seven brands.

KuKoo’s brand page proudly displays their endorsements, what makes KuKoo unique and why you should shop with them. The page also showcases their best selling products and most popular categories.

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Karus specialises in branding, web design, graphic design, marketing, and machine embroidery.