greenrobots, katkarus


Green-Robots is an illustrator and comic creator from Finland who is currently living in Estonia. He specialises in comics, inks, and watercolour illustrations.

Kat Karus worked with Green-Robots to create:

A New Logo

Initial Design

Green-Robots wanted a logo to represent himself as an illustrator and what better way than a self-portrait?

Green-Robots drew this sketch to test his supplies, different pens and pencils he had, to play with shadows and see where his mind would take him if he just let himself to draw and draw what felt nice.

This illustration boldly displays his style, colour, and inspirations. It is imperative to capture personality within this new logo.

Greenrobots Illustration
greenrobots, katkarus


The logo has gone through multiple changes compared to the original sketch.

Karus wanted the face to be the focal point of the logo, so the long-stemmed leaf was removed.

The outline of the image is clearly defined to appear modern, sharp, and professional.

The colours have been confined to inside the lines to look intense and refined. Gradient fills mimic the movement of watercolour on the original sketch.

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