Empentis Training Solutions is a training provider based in Newcastle, and delivers apprenticeships and Levy Solutions throughout the UK. Empentis are passionate about engaging employers and supporting learners to raise aspirations and achieve goals. Empentis enables you to upskill your existing staff, create confidence throughout the team, and positive leadership.

Kat Karus worked with Empentis to create:


Web Design



Karus worked with Empentis to create brand guidelines that the company could follow. This included logo variants, typography style, and a primary and secondary colour palette.

Empentis also requested a prospectus which conformed to these brand guidelines. The prospectus is now available to download on the website as an interactive PDF to improve the viewing experience.

Website Design

Empentis wanted to rebrand their current website. The site needed major changes in navigation, an improved structure of content, and an update to the colour palette to reflect the new logo.

There was a complete overhaul of content. Empentis would now provide information to employers, apprentices, and the apprenticeship levy. A news source was added to help potential customers stay up to date and resources page showcasing the privacy policy.


Social Media profiles were created to market and promote Empentis, and to interact with potential customers.

Marketing campaigns would be target businesses looking to up-skill staff, promotion for specific courses, and news on developments in the industry.

This social media strategy also included celebrating quirky national holidays such as “Left-Handers Day” as it is always a trending topic on social media and a great way to interact with a business’ userbase. Additionally, #EmpentisMondayMotivation was a hashtag created to inspire and motivate Empentis’ followers.

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