Capital 4 Training

Capital 4 Training is a private training provider, whose ethos is based on good quality training.

Kat Karus worked with Capital 4 Training to create:

A New Logo

Logo 1: Wings

This logo used curved triangles to form the letter “C”. The design represents an apprentice spreading their wings, expanding their knowledge, and employment opportunities.

The colour blue symbolizes wisdom, confidence, and intelligence. Blue is considered to be beneficial to the body and mind.

capital 4 training, logo design

Logo 2: Cube

This logo features an abstract letter “C”. This represents the company as innovative, creative, and out-of-the-box ideas. It also symbolises the road to success when you train with Capital 4 Training.

The colour blue symbolizes wisdom, confidence, and intelligence.

Purple combines the calm blue and the intensity of red. It is a representation of ambition, creativity, and wisdom.

capital 4 training, logo design

Final Logo

Unfortunately, the logos Kat Karus designed were not selected by Capital 4 Training.

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