The Edifyworld Jr Logo has Sandy Squid to the right of logo

Edifyworld Jr.

Edifyworld is creating curriculum-based English lessons for key stage 1 and 2. They provide a fun and engaging place to learn English online.

Kat Karus worked with Empentis Jr. to create:



Karus worked with Edifyworld Jr. to rebrand their current logo.

Their current logo was colourful but it was flat and didn’t reflect the direction the business wanted to go. The new logo needed to be fun, friendly, and appeal to young children.

The logo Karus designed was an orange squid and “Edifyworld” written in the Comfortaa font.

A squid was chosen as cephalopods are the smartest invertebrates in the sea and share human brain levels of complexity.

The colour orange reflects enthusiasm, creativity, determination, success, encouragement, and strength.

Few mascots are sea creatures and fewer that utilise the colour orange; this will help Edifyworld stand out among competitors.

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